At Alchemy we use the most up to date techniques to fit our amazing quality hair. These are the same methods that are used in high priced salons.

You will be advised at your sonsultation which will be the most appropriate method to use on your particular texture and length of hair.

We are more than happy to answer your questions at your consultation or you are welcome to call us for advice on methods or aftercare. You may find answers to your questions on our FAQ page.

The Most popular techniques are explained here for you

Micro Rings

The most popular method used. This method is particularly suitable if you are growing your own hair. A tiny colour matched copper ring is applied over a small section of your own hair. This is then nipped with the application tool and the ring holds the hair in place. This method also takes about 2-3 hours. Maintenance of these extensions needs to be carried out after about 6 weeks as the extensions grown down with your natural hair.


Keratin Fusion Bonds

Real hair comes with a small nail shaped tip made of keratin.  This is a substance that has the same make up as our hair and nails. The bond is held in place for a second or two with the extension tool while it melts and fuses round a small section of your own hair. This is smoothed into a tiny secure bond. Application will take approximately 2-3 hours. These bonds can be shampooed as your own hair, though it is advised you keep conditioner away from the bonds. A maintenance appointment will be required after 4 -6 weeks.


Non Glue Weft

Here at Alchemy we have devised our own method of attaching wefts without using the harmful glues that some methods require to attach hair to the scalp. A combination of methods is used to attach a weft that will last you 4 - 6 weeks. This is perfect for proms or holiday hair where you want instant glamour for a shorter period of time. Application will take less than an hour.


Sealed Micro Fusion

This method is similar to fusion bonding using a special technique to coat the bond with a waterproof seal to protect them for longer wear. Please enquire at time of booking as this technique takes slightly longer. This is reflected in the cost.

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